25. August 2016


Mizuno KRSUltra 60 is a 60 kilometer/ 37 miles long trail race with a total climb of 2000 meters. The start and finish of the race is at Aquarama in the center of Kristiansand. The course consists of 7 km asphalt, 15 km gravel/dirt road and 38 km technical trail. The course is technically demanding and takes you on a tour of Bymarka and Skråstadheia.

KRSUltra 60 will start at 08:00*

*Participants who think they may have problems keeping the cutoff may by request start at 7:00.



Entry can be done here: http://mosjon.friidrett.no/krsultra2018


Period Price
September 1th 2017 – December 31th 2017 NOK 800,-
January 1th 2018 – April 1th 2018 NOK 1.000,-
April 2th 2018 – April 13th 2018 NOK 1.200,-

The following is included in the registration fee: Live tracking, drink/food stations along the way, transportation of dropbag, a hot meal after finish, participant prize, breakfast, goodie bag and eventual finisher prize.

The registration can be transferred to others. A transferfee of NOK 100,- will be charged. We will refund NOK 600,- of your entryfee if you cancel your entry by the 10th April.

All participants in Norwegian races need to have a valid license. For more information about licensing, see NIF’s website.

Download DRIKKEProfile DRIKKEGPX-track

You will find the following servicestations along the course. 

12,2 Hommeren DRIKKEMAT1457124026_shopping-bag-tag
24,1 Grønn slette DRIKKEMATDO
32,9 Sagaveien DRIKKE  
44,0 Hommeren DRIKKEMAT1457124026_shopping-bag-tag
54,6 Bånetjønn DRIKKE  
DRIKKE Fluids (Water, Squeezy sportsnutrition og lemonade) 
MAT Food (Coke, bread, salty sausage, chips, fruit og buns)
1457124026_shopping-bag-tag Dropbag
DO Toilet 
DUSJ Showers/wardrobe 


After finishing, you will be served a hot meal (gluten free and vegetarian options available).

You will receive a drop-bag with a corresponding label which can be used to store any equipment you wish to have available at checkpoint Hommeren. Private bags or backpacks are not accepted.

Your bib must be fastened on your front side without being folded. All of the bib must be visible during the entire race. If you are handed a tracking chip, this should be kept in one of the outermost pockets of your backpack or in an armband which are handed out during registration. The tracking chip must be kept in the enclosed bag at all times. The will be a fee of NOK 300,- if you lose your tracking chip.

Your bib and tracking chip is used to help us keep track of your time during the race. At some checkpoints we will do manual registrations. We appreciate your co-operation with our volunteers if they request to check your bib or tracking chip.

The course will be marked with signs, marking bands and posters. There is no need for map, compass or prior knowledge of the courses. If you run more than 200 meters without seeing a marking band, turn around and return to the last marking band. The participants are required to keep to the marked track at all time and running outside of the marked course may lead to disqualification.

The only required equipment is a mobile phone which should be on during the entire race, but it is also recommended to dress according to the weather conditions and bring some food and drink for the distances between the food and drink stations.


The maximum allowed time for the race is set to 12 hours. This is to make sure that all participants have finished before darkness. Participants will be stopped at checkpoint Hommeren at 18:00. The last runner leaving the checkpoint will be followed by a runner from the race organizer to make sure all runners get to the finish line safely. Participants who think they may have problems making the cut-off may request to start early at 7:00. NB! Participants who start early will not be able to fight for the spots on the podium. Participants who have to retire from the race must inform the race director at once on phone number 958 36 581. We will try to assist with transportation if possible.